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107 Crazy Ideas to Kick Off Your Teacher Summer Holidays

teacher summer holidays
Summer is here (for the Northern Hemisphere at least). In case you hadn't realised it yet, this is the biggest reason to be a teacher...

How to Write Your Teacher Resignation Letter and Leave Happily

teacher resignation letter
How to resign from your teaching job, what to include in your teacher resignation letter - and your biggest questions answered ...

Why Standardized Testing is Bad for Students, Teachers .. and You

why standardized tests are bad
This is a picture of my daughter Josie I snapped the other day, experimenting with how to sit on a chair! It made me wonder ..



7 Essential Steps to Find Well Paid Alternatives to Teaching in School

alternatives to teaching
How to translate your classroom skills, and get considered for well paid alternatives to teaching outside of school.

Can I Teach Classes Online?

Can I Teach Classes Online
​If you decide to teach online, the benefits can be significant ..Freedom from your current hectic timetable, a level of workload you control, and...

There are 11 Infopreneur Types, Which One are You?

infopreneur examples
An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who sells information, or teaches online. And right now is the perfect time to do this - if you can...

Teacher Burnout

Leave the classsroom?