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3 Reasons Why I Quit Teaching – & Why the Job Will Only Get Worse in the Future

Why I Quit Teaching
Modern schools expect teachers to achieve ‘perfection’ in the work we do - and this is the reason why I quit teaching. Your job is broken because ...

7 Survival Strategies for Teachers with Laryngitis

Teacher Burnout Can You Permanently Lose Your Voice from Laryngitis?
If left untreated, laryngitis can permanently damage your voice. The most important thing teachers can do to prevent this is ...

7 Ways to Fix Your Broken Teaching Job

If you know that your health is suffering because of the job you do, then let me outline the options that you have to fix your life ..



There are 11 Infopreneur Types, Which One are You?

infopreneur examples
An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who sells information, or teaches online. And right now is the perfect time to do this - if you can...

5 Inescapable Facts About Worklife Balance in a Teaching Job

wlb work life balance
You are teaching at a very special moment in human history .. this gives teachers the opportunity to ...

The Classroom Teachers Guide to Teaching Online

The Classroom Teachers Guide to Teaching Online
In this post I want to explain how to make a successful start to teaching online.Specifically, I want to help you with .. A...

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