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Strategies to Deliver Learning to Pupils in Coronavirus Quarantine
A selection of shortcuts and strategies to help you to teach students when schools are forced to close.
Has teacher wellbeing been forgotten?
In this post I want to share an accurate way for teachers to measure their own wellbeing, so you can protect your mental health from your school employer.
7 Reasons Why Using Data in Schools is Ruining Education
Our ‘modern’ education system is utterly obsessed with making comparisons .. and it is having a damaging effect on students and those that teach them.
why standardized tests are bad
This is a picture of my daughter Josie I snapped the other day, experimenting with how to sit on a chair! It made me wonder ..
13 Simple Solutions for Teachers Struggling with Workload
Are you a teacher struggling with work life balance in your job?You are not alone. Sadly in many schools this is only getting worse - and there is one BIG reason why.In this post I want to explain the culprit, and share 13 strategies teachers can use to serve their...
65 Tools and Resources to Promote Independent Skills in your Classroom
The biggest problem facing many teachers working in ‘challenging’ schools isn’t lower levels of student literacy.  It isn’t planning for a wide range of mixed ability in most classes. And it isn’t even the poor behaviour and attitude of some students. The biggest barrier that teachers face trying to raise...