Sunday, May 26, 2019

Quit the Classroom

reasons for leaving a teaching job
It’s the 4 letter word of my last few years in the classroom. It is responsible for turning the education experience into a series of checkpoints.
373 Fresh Alternatives for Teachers Just About to Quit Teaching
If you are thinking that you might quit teaching - you are not alone. Every year almost 10% of teachers leave the profession - and of those just beginning their teaching careers, nearly 50% will leave within 5 years. And yet, very little help or support is available for teachers in...
Why I Quit Teaching
Modern schools expect teachers to achieve ‘perfection’ in the work we do - and this is the reason why I quit teaching. Your job is broken because ...
If you know that your health is suffering because of the job you do, then let me outline the options that you have to fix your life ..
reasons to leave teaching
The teaching profession in many countries is in crisis, with record numbers of experienced teachers leaving the classroom each year. In the UK, there are 5 BIG reasons why .. 1. Teachers' Voices no Longer Matter The maddest thing about the way education has evolved since I qualified as a teacher, is...
teacher resignation letter
I resigned from school yesterday.It is now official, my last day at work will be the final day of term in July.I have decided that 2019 is the year when I no longer compromise in my professional life.I no longer want to put my health at risk for a...
Teacher Burnout Statistics
To date 4,727 teachers have completed my Teacher Burnout Assessment Tool. It's findings have important implications for individual teachers and school management ..
wellbeing quotes teachers
The quotes below are from teachers I have talked to recently. It is a completely non-scientific study into how teaching in a modern classroom can make a person feel ..
wlb work life balance
You are teaching at a very special moment in human history .. this gives teachers the opportunity to ...
quitting teaching
"What else can I do with my teaching qualification?"I have asked his question myself - and you have more choice than you think.My name is James Anthony, and I've worked in ‘challenging’ schools ever since qualifying as a teacher in the year 2000.There is something special about helping children...