Quit the Classroom

Workplace bullying in schools
Sadly, you might not be paranoid, ‘they’ might really be out to get to you.
Micromanagement in education
It is time to recognize how crazy micromanagement in education has become - by examining the 7 levels of control educational leaders obsess over!
good reason for leaving teaching
7 good reasons for leaving a teaching job for your resume or CV .. to give you the confidence to apply for jobs outside the classroom.
Money saving tips for teachers
Try these money-saving tips - suggested by teachers across the world .. to help you transition out of teaching or save for retirement.
What to do instead of teaching
If you are not enjoying your classroom job any more .. these 3 questions will help you plan a way out.
teacher resignation letter
How to resign from your teaching job, what to include in your teacher resignation letter - and your biggest questions answered ...
alternatives to teaching
How to translate your classroom skills, and get considered for well paid alternatives to teaching outside of school.
Teacher Burnout Statistics
To date 12,728 teachers have completed my Teacher Burnout Assessment Tool. It's findings have important implications for individual teachers and school management ..
reasons for leaving a teaching job
It’s the 4 letter word of my last few years in the classroom. It is responsible for turning the education experience into a series of checkpoints.
373 Fresh Alternatives for Teachers Just About to Quit Teaching
If you are thinking that you might quit teaching - you are not alone. Every year almost 10% of teachers leave the profession - and of those just beginning their teaching careers, nearly 50% will leave within 5 years. And yet, very little help or support is available for teachers in...