Teacher Survival Tactics

Opportunities For Teachers in a Pandemic
How to come out of the current pandemic with more choice - and a better idea of what to do next.
Strategies to Deliver Learning to Pupils in Coronavirus Quarantine
A selection of shortcuts and strategies to help you to teach students when schools are forced to close.
Characteristics of a mentally healthy teacher
Discover the characteristics of a mentally healthy teacher, and how to monitor and protect your own mental health at work
Money saving tips for teachers
Try these money-saving tips - suggested by teachers across the world .. to help you transition out of teaching or save for retirement.
why standardized tests are bad
This is a picture of my daughter Josie I snapped the other day, experimenting with how to sit on a chair! It made me wonder ..
second jobs for teachers
Teaching has such a positive impact on our planet, and yet teachers around the world are often underpaid and undervalued by society ..
Teacher Mental Health Problems
I don’t know about you, but I have struggled to balance my mental health and my teaching job over the years.At times I can manage the pressure and competing demands of management and my students - but at others, I have found it very difficult.Often when we feel like...
65 Tools and Resources to Promote Independent Skills in your Classroom
The biggest problem facing many teachers working in ‘challenging’ schools isn’t lower levels of student literacy.  It isn’t planning for a wide range of mixed ability in most classes. And it isn’t even the poor behaviour and attitude of some students. The biggest barrier that teachers face trying to raise...