Be honest with yourself for a moment ..

Can you continue to do your current classroom job - until the age of 67? 

What compromises are you making in your personal or family life, to meet the demands of your job? 

For teachers today, striking a happy balance between work and home life is hard to do.  

why teach online

Not Waiting for Superman exists to balance your life, give you more time with family and friends - and the chance to live a happier, healthier life.

Many suffer burnout trying to meet the demands of the job. I have created a Teacher Burnout assessment tool with my doctor to help teachers afraid they are pushing too hard - you can access this here.

The strange thing is that most teachers don't realise how employable they really are.  The ability to teach what you know in a way which makes a difference to someone else's life - is the most precious gift a person can receive.  

And it is a GREAT time to be an educator.  

It has never been easier to share what you know with the world - without needing the support of publishing companies, or a single penny of investment from a bank. 

Today, every person with an internet connection has access to information that can change their lives, and paying for self-development courses, books and training is now normal for most people.

Technology has produced a new way to teach - the Online Teacher (or Infopreneur)

What exactly is an Infopreneur?

An Online Teacher (or Infopreneur) creates and sells learning online.  They can choose to teach ‘live’ - or record their lessons, which are downloaded or streamed to students computers over the internet.

Infopreneurs come in different shapes and sizes:

  • Online Course Creators - Create courses and then deliver them online on platforms like Teachable.
  • Recorded Video Teachers - Record video lessons for their students.
  • Live Class Teachers - Teach live classes using webinar or group meeting software.
  • Authors and Written Course Creators - Write what they know and teach this way.
  • Coaches and Personal Mentors - Offer one-to-one coaching online using software like Skype.
  • Face-to-face Training - Online teachers often offer face-to-face elements to what they do too.

Infopreneurs use software like Word and Powerpoint to create much of what they deliver - and a modern classroom teacher has most of the skills required to do this already.

And the REALLY good news?

Most people currently teaching online today have zero classroom experience, and produce learning which fails the majority of their students. 

YOUR classroom skills immediately put you in a very select group of people who can teach effectively - and this gives you a huge commercial advantage.

What are the Benefits of Teaching Online?

An Infopreneur ..

  • Can choose exactly what they want to teach - and when.
  • Can earn an unlimited salary - working as much, or as little as they choose.
  • Can start teaching online while still working a classroom job - earning an additional wage to spend on holidays, family, interests or early retirement.
  • Can make Online Teaching their only job, if and when they choose to.
  • Can create a learning experience, course or lesson once - and then deliver that over and over again to many new students.
  • Can respond to the needs of their students - without worrying about requirements dictated by school boards or government.
  • DOES NOT need advanced I.T. skills or expensive software. (Most classroom teachers already have the computer skills they need).
  • DOES NOT need to be a sales genius to earn a surprising amount of money - working only a few hours a day.   

An Infopreneur controls their own workload, and can balance their work and home lives much more easily.  

Many successful Infopreneurs have the freedom to spend their time as they choose - and can work from anywhere.  Because of this freedom, they have the chance to live a healthier, happier life - while still getting the 'buzz' of teaching they love.

How Do I Begin?

To succeed as an Infopreneur you need 3 things:

1. The Technology 

Most Online Teachers will need access to a webcam, microphone, a computer with decent internet connection - and a range of software to create learning materials.

Many teachers already have most of what they need - it doesn't cost much to get tooled up for the job.

2. The Skills

As a classroom teacher, your ability to analyse a learning objective and then plan how you will deliver it - is the biggest skill you will need.

You might also need learn to create and deliver learning materials .. but you will already be doing this in the classroom, ands have the required skills here too.

As you will be selling what you teach, you might need to learn some marketing skills - but I have good news for you .. because the right idea is often easy to sell.

3. The Idea 

The biggest decision you need to make is 'what to teach?' .. and this is where most people go wrong.

Because to achieve commercial success, you need to know EXACTLY who will buy what you are creating before you start making it.

I have created an Online Teaching Start-up System which guides you step-by-step through the process of choosing what to teach - and accurately measuring your ability to sell it.

This makes starting out as an Infopreneur easy - and something you can do while you still work a classroom job.

​​Don't undervalue the skill and experience you have - because most people walking around outside your classroom don't realise how amazing you really are.