Teaching today is drastically different to when I qualified in 2001.

Both students and teaching staff work under more pressure – and enjoy learning less – than ever before.

I explain more in the video below.

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  1. I qualified in 2002 and this is no longer the profession I signed up to. I agree totally with all of your comments. I have 3 children and the changes to the profession over the last 10 years means I have no work life balance. My children never see me. As a HoD and member of SLT I’ve been working 60 to 70 hrs a week and still being told that this is not enough. My physical and mental health has suffered as a result. I’ve been consistently rated as an outstanding teacher but I will have to leave this profession if things do not change soon. I know many fantastic teachers who feel the same. I have currently resigned from my current post and going back to being a teacher without any extra responsibility in a different school to see if this reignited my passion for the job I used to love. Fingers crossed.

    • You are correct that the profession has changed .. and while the same could be said of many jobs in that time, the workload and unrealistic expectations are extreme in teaching.

      In addition, every teacher I know is suffering and says the job they currently do is unsustainable – this includes some wonderfully talented people, without whom the profession would be significantly poorer. This is happening because teachers are no longer respected or listened to.

      I hope that returning back to a simply teaching role will re-ignite your passion for the job. It sounds like you are exactly the kind of committed talent the children would miss significantly if you felt forced to leave.

  2. I too am leaving the profession in just 4 weeks.
    Putting my wife and children first, they want their husband / father back after I have been working full time again in teaching for the last 18 months. There is simply no work life balance. I want a life on the weekends and during the holidays! Not exhaustion!
    Each two week break consists of one week being exhausted and recovering (and a payback for all the extra hours I worked during the term) before I then spend a week writing engaging lessons for the term ahead.
    Supposedly, I have magic in the classroom…. I am given some of the tougher classes because I have the classes under control, they are engaged and producing work. (Interestingly, there are no tests done in the classes – but don’t tell anyone!) More importantly, it saves a considerable amount of work for those up the chain, as the trouble makers are not sitting outside their offices!
    I worked in business for 15 years before I made the journey into teaching. I loved both occupations. However, I want a job where the work ends as I leave the door. Not a career where I wake in the middle of the night thinking what can I do to engage this student, is there something more happening in the life of that student at home or I need to complete this curriculum document.
    I want to be me again! Not a slave to the profession and the Education Department.
    Yes, I am replaceable, we all are….. but here goes another experienced person (I have been in the classroom since 2006) that can make a difference.
    Thanks for your messages / videos – all helped confirm the decision – to actually think about myself and not place the students first.
    Cheers. Mr. S / Australia

    • Thank you for sharing your journey Victor .. I am sorry that you felt you had to take the decision you have – it sounds like you are exactly the kind of teacher who the profession can ill afford to lose. It is telling that the more I follow this path on my blog and FB group, I meet people who are demonstrably GREAT teachers – who feel exactly the same as those who would admit they struggle with the demands of the job. To me, this it proof that the ‘changes’ made in recent years have NOT simply forced ‘unsatisfactory’ teachers out .. but are impacting the health and lives of everyone working in schools.

      Management expectations are currently wildly unrealistic – and force caring people to demand too much of themselves – putting their health and family lives at risk.

      Good luck with your new direction .. and well done for contributing positively to the lives of your students. I’m sure your ‘magic’ will find a home somewhere else – and that the children will remember you fondly for many years.

  3. For me, education is an industrial machine that has not adapted over a 100 years despite huge social changed and expectations, and lets not forge the digital revolution. The oil that allows the cogs to turn in this massive “one size fits all” machine is, now more than ever, in very short supply and subsequently, we wear down quickly. I think we stand on the cusp of a revolution in education – as experienced educators, perhaps them we should now be looking at ways to deliver the changes? Personally, after 25 years of secondary modern teaching, I have now left and am looking at reaching to educate on-line.

    • I agree Steve .. we still have a system based on the needs of the last century – and are still educating young people to ‘follow’ and conform .. when their future success will be much more likely to be influenced by their ability to be individual and creative. Sadly I think this has a lot to do with the perceived need to maintain the status quo, and keep our companies going with successive generations of employees who are less likely to question the madness of a system which puts work before family life.

      My daughter will learn an alternative world view from me and be able to make an informed choice about her own future.

      Education should be about empowerment, and learning to question the way we have always done things. I believe this can be achieved without causing a damaging revolution in society – and even if it did, would we not all benefit from a rebalancing of life away from corporations and unaccountable government? ..

      /political rant 😉


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