I know how difficult it can be to balance a classroom teachers workload and enjoy a personal or family life. 

The job of a teacher today demands more than ever before .. with increases in personal accountability, the drive for higher standards, changes in the way children are raised by their families - and an ever increasing focus on the individual.

As a result, talented and committed teachers think of leaving the profession every year - but aren't sure what to do with their classroom experience.

This site exists to help you realise how valuable your skills really are ...

James Anthony

Who am I?

My name is James Anthony and I am a classroom teacher, entrepreneur and proud father. 

I help talented, but overworked teachers understand how to use their existing skills to start 'teaching businesses'.

I have taught in a variety of schools around Manchester, UK in the last 15 years. The job rescued me from a well paid sales career, which was turning me into someone I didn't like very much!

A few years ago I started creating online learning - and I resigned from my teaching job to pursue this further.  I created a course to show teachers how to deliver Computing in UK schools, and quickly had over 2000 people learning from it.

This got me noticed by an international University, and I spent 3 years showing them how to teach business at degree level using online learning.  Since that time I have created a wide variety of my own online courses and live events - and shown others how to do the same.

I have evolved into an Infopreneur ..

What is an Infopreneur?

The term 'Infopreneur' refers to an entrepreneur who sells information and learning online.

As a teacher, you'll be surprised at how many of the skills necessary to become a successful information-entrepreneur you already have.  

On this site I help you develop these skills, highlight the mistakes that many people teaching online today are making - and show you how to make a commercial success of selling information.

I still work part time in the classroom - but expect weekly posts from me on technology, pedagogy, mindset, entrepreneurship - and what works best for me as I make the full-time transition myself.

I want to help you recognise the opportunity for someone with your skills, because when you better balance your job - you live a happier, healthier life ..

.. and you can have a worldwide impact, without the compromises many teachers make each day.

I will let you know when new posts and training become available.

When you do I will send you a copy of my book - designed to help classroom teachers make the transition to teaching online.

If you are new to the concept of starting a teaching business - a post explaining why this is such a great option for classroom teachers is available here

Some of the most useful posts for beginners are linked below:

Click here to email me - I am always happy to respond to questions, or requests for help.

And follow me on social networks (if you do that sort of thing) ..  I am a geek, so I tend to find and share stuff regularly!

Lastly, thank you for teaching .. the gift you give others is very special indeed.

PS. If you want to know a bit more about my journey to where I am now - and how NOT getting my head of departments job was actually the best thing to happen to me click here.