Teacher Burnout

Characteristics of a mentally healthy teacher
Discover the characteristics of a mentally healthy teacher, and how to monitor and protect your own mental health at work
7 Reasons Why Using Data in Schools is Ruining Education
Our ‘modern’ education system is utterly obsessed with making comparisons .. and it is having a damaging effect on students and those that teach them.
Teacher Burnout Statistics
To date 12,728 teachers have completed my Teacher Burnout Assessment Tool. It's findings have important implications for individual teachers and school management ..
reasons for leaving a teaching job
It’s the 4 letter word of my last few years in the classroom. It is responsible for turning the education experience into a series of checkpoints.
Teacher Burnout Can You Permanently Lose Your Voice from Laryngitis?
If left untreated, laryngitis can permanently damage your voice. The most important thing teachers can do to prevent this is ...
Teacher Mental Health Problems
I don’t know about you, but I have struggled to balance my mental health and my teaching job over the years.At times I can manage the pressure and competing demands of management and my students - but at others, I have found it very difficult.Often when we feel like...
reasons to leave teaching
The teaching profession in many countries is in crisis, with record numbers of experienced teachers leaving the classroom each year. In the UK, there are 5 BIG reasons why .. 1. Teachers' Voices no Longer Matter The maddest thing about the way education has evolved since I qualified as a teacher, is...
wellbeing quotes teachers
The quotes below are from teachers I have talked to recently. It is a completely non-scientific study into how teaching in a modern classroom can make a person feel ..
13 Simple Solutions for Teachers Struggling with Workload
Are you a teacher struggling with work life balance in your job?You are not alone. Sadly in many schools this is only getting worse - and there is one BIG reason why.In this post I want to explain the culprit, and share 13 strategies teachers can use to serve their...
How Close to Teacher Burnout Are You?
We only know our limits by testing them.But I have never worked a job which tested my limits as far, as being a classroom teacher. The hours you work just to keep up. The pressure you are under to ‘perform’. And the accountability you carry for the performance of children...
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