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What Else Can I Do With my Teaching Qualification?

what else can i do with my teaching qualification

"What else can I do with my teaching qualification?"

I have asked his question myself - and you have more choice than you think.

My name is James Anthony, and I've worked in ‘challenging’ schools ever since qualifying as a teacher in the year 2000.

There is something special about helping children whose lives put them at a disadvantage.  The buzz you get from achieving with these kids is hard to match - but we often pay a personal price for doing so.

Sometimes this is the stress we take home, because it’s so hard to leave on our desks at work.  Often it’s the workload necessary to plan, assess and manage students with very few independent skills.

Teaching is the career embodiment of ‘burning the candle at both ends’.  In my own life the job has had an impact on my health - and my ability to be the father my daughter deserves.

Most classroom teachers I know admit that they don't think that they can continue to do their job until retirement.

Which Begs The Question - What Else Can I Do With My Teaching Qualification?

There are many skills you have developed in the classroom, which employers everywhere value massively. 

I detail these in a post - if you're thinking of leaving teaching check this out - because you are much more employable than you think.

PDF: 373 Alternative Job Ideas for Teachers

  • Discover just how employable you really are!
  • Reveals the jobs best suited to your role, and existing experience level
  • 373 ideas and inspirations for teachers seeking a fresh challenge
373 Alternative Job Ideas for Teachers

But I want to introduce another alternative career for teachers here - because I found an answer that frees me to live a more family focused life ..

How to become an Online Teacher

The world we live in today is so different to 30 years ago.

The internet is changing learning - and there are huge opportunities for someone with classroom skills.

Ordinary people across the world now have immediate access to knowledge and skills - and the ability to learn what they need to change their lives.

As a result self-development has become mainstream, and buying training to help accomplish your goals is considered normal. 

This is a big opportunity for someone with your classroom skills .. but you haven't heard the best bit yet ..

Because a BIG Problem Exists With Online Learning Today ..

Classroom Escape book and Workbook

Most people creating online courses, running group training sessions and doing personal coaching, have zero teaching experience - and the number of students completing the products they create is awful!

A 10% completion rate is considered normal by many in the business. In most cases this is due to the awful design of their learning experiences.

Your classroom skills make this easy for you.

Honestly, if you were to create an online learning product today, most of your students would think you were some kind of magician!

That’s my experience of teaching online, and the reason why many of my students buy everything I create.

So How Do You Begin?

Start a Online Teaching Passion Project alongside your job, and dip your toe in the water to see if it suits you.

You don’t need advanced technical skills, or expensive hardware or software.  Most classroom teachers already have what they need to get started.

Your Passion Project could grow to provide you with an additional income for early retirement, or it could ‘take off’ and replace your job completely.

My book 'Classroom Escape' details exactly what to do next. 

After a short time you will have a blueprint for a life you will love.

And it’s free.

what else can i do with my teaching qualification

Or click get 'Escape' on your Nook, iPad, or Kindle.


what else can i do with my teaching qualification

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About the author 

James Anthony

After teaching for 20 years in the UK, I now help Schools, Universities, and Entrepreneurs to create and deliver transformational online learning.
I also work with educators across the world helping them use their skills in new ways - to live happier healthier lives.


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