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107 Crazy Ideas to Kick Off Your Teacher Summer Holidays


Summer is here (for the Northern Hemisphere at least).

In case you hadn’t realised it yet, this is the biggest reason to be a teacher 😉

Try these ideas for your teacher summer holidays – suggested by teachers I am connected with.

Some of them are crazy, some silly, some indulgent ..

.. and some highly inadvisable!

  1. Go to the toilet .. just for fun (because you can)
  2. Wake up with a classroom to do list item in your head .. and then laugh at it
  3. Do a drive by of your school .. (and get seen ‘in your civvies’ by students who live nearby)
  4. Break as many school rules as you can in one day
  5. Experiment with a gin for breakfast
  6. Eat healthy food that takes most of the day to make
  7. Take your phone OFF silent for a whole month
  8. Go through at least one day wearing only your pyjamas
  9. Have a duvet day in front of your favourite box set
  10. Refuse to do your homework .. repeatedly
  11. Wear a shocking outfit and hang around in an area where your kids will definitely see you
  12. Go swimming and practise your star float
  13. Seek the sun like a caveman who hasn’t seen it for months
  14. Sit in your garden .. even though it’s raining
  15. Plant something and then watch it grow
  16. Create an online course and earn some cash to save for early retirement
  17. Become a regular in your nearest bar, pub or coffee shop for a week
  18. Watch the sunrise – knowing you can go back to bed again afterwards
  19. Write something naughty on the board in your classroom
  20. Meditate .. and increase the peace baby 😉
  21. Go for daytime walks that end in a nice meal somewhere – followed by a taxi home
  22. Send a postcard to yourself from a beautiful place
  23. Kidnap a friends stuffed toy and send photographs of it on holiday
  24. Adopt an unexpected animal
  25. Make some lemonade or popsicles and sell them in your street
  26. Try not to laugh (too loudly) at people who have to wake up and go to work each day
  27. Try out Great Aunt Eileen’s chocolate cake recipe
  28. Finally have the time to clean your house – then spend a day wallowing in the clean feeling
  29. Smile broadly as you finally catch up on the washing pile
  30. Get arrested for a picketing a business who doesn’t pay their taxes
  31. Learn something new
  32. Take a local business by surprise and volunteer your time
  33. Start a blog
  34. RELAX!
  35. Make a coffee without having to smell the milk first
  36. Enter an eating competition
  37. Watch daytime TV to see how the other half lives
  38. Talk to a policeman
  39. Update your Resume or CV and put it on a job site, to see what calls you get
  40. Tell your children a lie about buried treasure in your garden and watch them try and dig it up
  41. Drive somewhere unexpected
  42. Listen to the birds
  43. Plant a sunflower seed
  44. Go to the garden centre
  45. Have a BBQ or cook out
  46. Do a juice fast, knowing you won’t lose your job if your hunger gets the better of you
  47. Have an all-day bath
  48. Clean your classroom whiteboard – and then draw an enormous penis on it
  49. Create a playlist of summer music
  50. Dye your hair a colour which would get you sent home from school
  51. Pierce your own ears
  52. Discover what a lay in feels like
  53. Get so used to getting up late, that September will REALLY hurt
  54. Watch a late night film .. and then start another at 1am – knowing it doesn’t matter
  55. Learn a new recipe for your abandoned slow cooker
  56. Read a great book for pleasure
  57. Rediscover your hobbies and interests .. and remind yourself that you DO have a life
  58. Grow an experimental moustache
  59. Ignore every bell you hear .. the door bell, the phone .. everything.
  60. Go for the weekday special menu at your favourite restaurant
  61. Search for something really high – and then climb it
  62. Tie dye your whitest bed sheets and sleep like a hippy for a week
  63. Paint something
  64. Put your teacher alter ego in a box
  65. Sit on the naughty step, giggling madly
  66. Buy a big persons trampoline or scooter
  67. Make a model of your house with breadsticks
  68. Hide behind an upstairs curtain and beep your car remote every time someone walks past it
  69. Go to town dressed as a famous person, and be that person who stands like a statue to earn gin money
  70. Join a protest movement
  71. Whistle or sing as you walk round the shops
  72. Smile at each person you see, making them think you’re crazy (or fancy them)
  73. Cook for your non-teaching partner every day for a week
  74. Write to your political representatives giving them 99 reasons funding to education needs to be doubled
  75. Get bored
  76. Ride a horse
  77. Set your house alarm off and see who comes to check you are okay
  78. Pretend to be a mystery shopper
  79. Get a funky new haircut
  80. Lose 20 pounds so you can shock your colleagues when you return in September
  81. Stay properly hydrated – knowing that you won’t need the bladder of an elephant to do it
  82. Get to know your neighbours
  83. Hire a gorgeous car
  84. Paint or decorate a room in your house
  85. See the sun
  86. Do some gardening and have time to sit out into the evening
  87. Book a table at a local restaurant in the name of a celebrity
  88. Swear uncontrollably, using your favourite swear words with impunity
  89. Forget all your students names
  90. Open your kitchen cupboard to find CLEAN cups for tea and coffee!
  91. Find a cafe where one of your ex-pupils works and have them run rings around you
  92. Spend a day at Sofa World sampling a range of chairs that nurse your tender glutes and help return your back and neck to a more natural form
  93. Take a toy cat to a sofa shop – and pretend to be a James Bond villain on the contemporary swivel chairs
  94. Book an appointment with the doctor, bank, optician, dentist and a kitchen design company – not because you need to, simply because you can
  95. Forget what day, week and month it is
  96. Go out on a school night (getting arrested is optional)
  97. Clean out the bottom of the school bag of … long forgotten to do lists, post it notes, paper clips, a dusty sweet, and a wrinkled apple that you didn’t get time to eat
  98. Do something creative, whether painting, drawing – or even that dot to dot thing you used to do when you had time when you were younger
  99. Remove your work email notifications from your mobile phone and all computing devices
  100. Stick your toes in the sea
  101. Eat lunch outside
  102. Enjoy Sundays like the new school year doesn’t exist!
  103. Wear shorts and sandals every day
  104. Put away the portable Anadin you carry for stress induced headaches
  105. Complete the ‘Release your Anger’ colouring book which colleagues bought you last term
  106. Experiment with breakfast .. and enjoy eating it sitting down, rather than on the run
  107. Take off your watch and go through a whole week with no idea what the time is

Whatever you do – enjoy your teacher summer holidays!

Have you got anything you would add to this list? .. please add a comment below.

If this resonates with you, please share it ...

About the author 

James Anthony

After teaching for 20 years in the UK, I now help Schools, Universities, and Entrepreneurs to create and deliver transformational online learning.
I also work with educators across the world helping them use their skills in new ways - to live happier healthier lives.


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